How to get over an ex

Break ups are tough but the glo up afterwards can be beautiful if you allow it to be. Don’t leta break up stress you out or keep you down for long.

First step: Accept that the relationship is over. Mourn the relationship and move on. No need to dwell on it (yes that sounds harsh but its the truth).

Second step: Remove memories, pack up photographs and other things that will make it harder for you to move on. Return their personal items if needed.

Third step: Quit keeping up with your ex. Yes, unfollow them. How are you going to move on while holding on to the past?

Fourth step: Slay your new single life. Start working towards a better you. The best thing to do is to show someone you can win without them. Now that you don’t have a relationship, you will have more time to glo up in your life, school and career. Let your ex know you’re doing good without telling them (because they didn’t do step three and are still keeping up with you). Best revenge is your paper! – Bey taught us that.


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