The Ultimate Single’s Guide to surviving Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. It’s either the day of romance, chocolates, and outings or the day of pure misery with lifetime movies and tubs of Ben & Jerry’s included. We all know how polarizing the day can be. Either you’re yucking it up with your boo and documenting every moment on Instagram or you’re sitting in bed stalking and hating on the so called “annoying couples.” Just the very thought of spending V Day all alone is pretty depressing right? Or is it? If you’re recently broken up or just going solo this time, here’s a list of fun things you can do to beat the V Day blues.

  1. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT go out to eat on this day. Just save yourself the trouble and order in (Grubhub has special deals on codes on this day. You’re welcome) with friends and binge Netflix or something that’s already pre-recorded. Which brings me to the next point…
  2. Everything on TV is going to be some sappy romance crap so avoid the heartbreak now and binge on movies you know won’t have all the romance and wine and dine shiz. DVR is your friend.
  3. If there ever was a time to wait to consume chocolate, it’s the day after valentine’s day. Why? Enough Said.
  4. Treat Yo Self! When was the last time you took the day to yourself? Had a girls day? Went to the spa? Got a mani/pedi? Sure most people going to spas will be couples but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the singles. There are plenty of spas that offer spa packages and services discounts. Check out sites like Groupon, Spa Finder, or Living Social for spas in your area that offer discounts.

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