New Year New You: Making Resolutions and Sticking to Them

We all know that one person. Every new year, they’re screaming about how they’re going to change this or that but by mid-year, they’re back to the same old same old.

They’re the ones who post the memes, the inspirational quotes, and #newyearnewme constantly.

Though you’re on the outside looking in, it can be pretty depressing and thus, the thoughts can “if they can’t do it, what makes me think I can?”

Whether you want to finally lose the weight or take the plunge and go for that new job, here are some tricks and tips to help you stay on track.

Tip #1: Instead of setting hard deadlines, make goals

-Make a list broken down into categories like health/fitness, career, school, ect.

-Don’t visualize reaching your goals as a deadline but rather as a lifestyle change (i.e: instead of sticking to a diet, think of it as a permanent lifestyle change to eat healthier)

Tip #2: Make a vision board

-Vision boards are great because they help to remind you of your goals when your off track

-You can make them with anything from cut out pictures form magazines to inspirational quotes

-Make sure you place it somewhere that you can see it every day when you wake up and when you fall asleep so it’s always the first and last thing on your mind

-For some ideas for creating your own vision board, visit sites like Pinterest for help


Tip #3: Be gentle on yourself

-Remind yourself that everyone messes up and that no one’s perfect

-It’s always good to set goals and have a plan but life can happen.

-Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of feeling like you’re not making progress because you’re not where you thought you’d be at.

-Small progress is still progress!

Tip #4: Use Apps

-There are so many different mobile apps that helps people stay focused on their new year’s resolutions

-Apps like MyFitnessPal, True Foods, and HealthyOut help with tracking your fitness and weight loss goals, knowing what’s in your food, and giving you healthy options even while eating out

-Money saving and budgeting apps like Mint, Pocket Guard, and You Need a Budget help with your day to day expense budgeting, can show you how much you spend per month with your income, and aids in setting aside money for emergencies and savings

-If you want to feel more creative or inspired, apps like Pintrest, Tumblr, Grid Diary, and Artsy help you create blogs, boards for any and everything, records of your thoughts, and playlists of all forms of contemporary art by keyword.


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