Why Your Voice Matters This Election

With the election just one day away, everyone can finally take a deep breath in. From the intense media fueled fights to the ultimate shade throwing fest that were the debates, I think I speak for us all when I say, I’m so glad that it’s almost over. Yes, almost. Although this election season has managed to leave me more drained and let’s be honest, more annoyed than any other, I still know the value of voting.

It goes beyond just making your voice heard or doing it because you feel it’s a societal obligation and even goes beyond just doing it because your parents tell you too. No, the way I see it is that voting since the beginning of time, was viewed as a privilege and not a right for minorities and women in this country. It took many years to secure that right for women and many years after that to secure that right for minorities.

So essentially, if you’re a woman and a minority, choosing to not vote is almost like screaming a huge “F you” to the many women and minorities who fought, bled, and died just for the opportunity that you’re taking for granted. It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for or what your beliefs are. Just make sure you go out tomorrow and make your voice heard because as Anthony J. D’angelo said, “if you have the time to whine and complain about something then you have time to do something about it.”

*Make sure you get out and vote on Tuesday November 8th, 2016. Check your local polling registration for locations and times*


-Imani H.

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