How to Rock the GRE

The GRE is a very important test if you are planning to attend graduate school. Taking the GRE can be stressful as it determines whether you receive an acceptance letter or not. With proper preparation you can rock the GRE.

  1. Take a practice test to see where you stand. Taking a practice at the beginning allows you to see what areas of the test you need to greatly improve on before your big day.
  2. Register for the test. After taking the practice determine how much time you will need to prepare. Give yourself at least 30-60 days.
  3. Create a study plan. Based on your results create your plan of action. If you did better in the verbal section than the quantitative section, than focus more on the quantitative section so that you can improve your score before the big day.
  4. Purchase your prep materials. You will need practice tests, vocabulary flash cards and mobile app. Mobile apps are great for when you find spare moments in your day.
  5. Study… follow your study plan. The only way to be prepared is to actually study.
  6. Rest… give yourself a break when you feel burnt out.
  7. Start to wind down a week before the test. By now you have been studying a lot and over working yourself will only hurt you on exam day.


By Daizchane B

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