Why Being a Black Woman Rocks


Let’s face it, Black women are lit. From our glorious golden brown skin to our unique sense of style, everything we do is either criticized, imitated, or praised but nonetheless, watched. Sure, there’s the distinct set of issues that we face (like the glorious double whammy of being a woman and being Black), but in spite of all of this, we continue to shine. So if you need a reminder or need even more reasons to add to your list, here’s why Black women slay.

1)Your skin will always be popping no matter the season (aka no need for tanners, bronzers, or anything else to “glow up”).


2)Our hair is so versatile; we can wear it however we want (so try out that new color or style, trust me you’ll look fly).


3)We can wear almost any color and still look good- oranges, golds, pinks. You think of it, we’ll most likely look good in it and probably have already rocked it. We’re trend setters simply put.


4)We’re resourceful. No matter the circumstances, we’re able to make lemonade out of lemons complete with an umbrella and mint garnish. From creating programs, breaking barriers in our field, to starting movements we know how to make it work.


5)We are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives. We’re also one of the most educated groups of women in America, business owners, teachers. Black women are bosses. We are phenomenal and it shows.




Imani H.

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