Study Smarter Not Harder

Let’s be real! Studying is not fun, at all. Studying is often necessary if you want to ace the test unless you are a genius. Luckily, if you study smarter not harder than there are ways to make the process enjoyable and here is how.


Take excellent notes in class. These notes will help when reviewing. If your notes are well-written with a lot of details than you will not have to spend much time looking for more information.

Ask for help. Chances are if you’re not understanding the subject during class, you’re not going to get it while studying. Ask questions and seek help before you study. Your professor can help clarify which will help when reviewing later.

Find a study buddy. Studying with others can be fun. But do not have too much fun!

Study effectively. If flash cards work for you than always use them. If taking notes in pink ink help do that.

Reward yourself. Set rewards for achieving great scores. If you ace that midterm treat yourself to those new shoes you’ve been eyeing.



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