Rock that Interview

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Interviews can be daunting but with preparation and confidence you can rock it. First pat yourself on your back for getting the interview that means your resume and application left an impression. Remember they are already interested in you. You just need to show that your worth hiring. The interview is your time to win them over. Walk in with confidence and speak with confidence as well. Prepare answers for the typical questions, what are your strengths and weakness, tell me about yourself, a time where you worked as team and etc. 

Research is a major key. Research the company, the department and the staff. This is information you can mix in within your answers to prove your interest and knowledge. Dress for the job you want. Do not come in sweats or jeans. You have one chance to make a first impression.

Sell yourself. Why are you an asset? Make sure the interviewer can answer that. Ask questions. Do not say no when they ask do you have any questions. Here is some you can always ask: whats a typical day like, what is the office dress code, when should I expect an decision, what’s the salary, and any follow up questions to what has been discussed. Do not get too personal with the interviewer, you do not know them that well. Asking too many personal questions can make them uncomfortable.

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