How To: Scholarship Hunting

College is expensive! Luckily, there are plenty of scholarships available to help with the costs. If you put in time and effort and apply to scholarships you may get lucky. The golden rule is if you qualify than apply. It never hurts to apply, you never know what you might get. Do not doubt yourself.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • A laptop/computer
  • Microsoft Word
  • A Resume
  • Most recent copy of your transcript
  • 3 to 5 recommendation letters from employers, teachers/professors, advisors/counselors, church leaders, mentors and coaches


How to find scholarships: 

Scholarship search engines
Sites such as Fastweb and Cappex allows you to create a profile and search 1000s of scholarships from one website. The sites allow match scholarships to you based on the information provided in your profile.

High school guidance counselors office
Typically, high school counselors will have a list of scholarships and even scholarship applications especially from local organizations. Local organizations tend to have a lower applicant pool than national companies.

Your favorite organizations and companies
Many organizations have set up scholarship funds as a way to give back. Visit your favorite organizations’ websites to see what they offer.

Your school’s website
Browse the scholarship or financial aid section of the school’s website to see if they have any scholarships listed that you qualify for.

Old fashion Google
Google your major, year in school, sports or activities for scholarships. For example if you are a public relations major, Google public relations scholarships for college students. Google will have a lot of results make sure you’re only applying to credible ones. There are scams out there that is only trying to your personal information.


Written by Daizchane B.

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